11 August 2018

Front Line

A career management briefing for
visionary women

Creating change when you're exhausted by trying

You know you need to see a change in your career. It could be in your role, the uninspiring trajectory you’re on, or a difficult or unhappy situation at work. You know you need to do everything you can to create the change you want. And yet, it sometimes feels like you’re banging your head against a brick wall. ‘Keeping on keeping on’ is increasing draining, and it’s definitely knocking your motivation and confidence.

You need to change the game. Rather than exhaust your energy and nerves ‘keeping going’ like the Duracell bunny, engage a three-pronged approach to create the change you want to see in your life.

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Shame: a candid treatment. Part V

Last week, we talked about perfectionism as an internal defence mechanism and an active response to the experience of being shamed. By attempting to be perfect, we try to make ourselves beyond reproach, minimising the occasion for comments or behaviours that would re-engage a deep-seated doubt we may have about our own personal value and worth. Among the costs of allowing our perfectionist tendencies to hold forth are making sacrifices - intended or not - and compromised decision-making and behaviours. Perfectionism can also make it harder for us to complete projects, and may make it harder for others to relate to us. We examine the impact of these latter two costs of perfection, and consider how they can influence career and leadership.

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This Week

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Women More Likely to Survive Heart Attacks if Treated by Female Doctors

And male doctors do better when they have more female colleagues

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Film critic Mark Kermode shares his top 10 ranking, including some truly through-provoking and eye-opening numbers

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