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Shame: A candid treatment. Part VIII

Derailers that damage careers and organisations. Mismanaged responsibilities where unnecessary mistakes are made. Work relationships that become damaged. We now enter the heartland of what happens when we, as leaders, fail to confront and come to some peace with our shames. How does hiding impact leadership effectiveness and authenticity?

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Stop emailing, start speaking

Research suggests that using email to communicate creates more misunderstandings, confusion, and mistrust. Speed of response has become the new way to judge the recipient's trustworthiness. Psychologically, our use of email undermines peace of mind and reduces our impact when the stakes are high.

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This Week

Articles that shocked, informed, and inspired us

Ford v. Kavanaugh

What their testimonies tell us about the state of the patriarchy today.

When Women Stop Apologising

Going against the grain in the "age of insincere apologies".

One Year on from #MeToo: Where are We Now?

Charting the progress of the movement from Weinstein to Kavanaugh.

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