The killer interview question you should ask in your job search, and using negative stereotypes of women leaders to improve your impression management.

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The killer interview question

We are often asked by clients what questions they should ask in job interviews. Not surprisingly, there are also a number of books on the market that address the topic. For a good foundation in interview questions generally, try 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions by Ron Fry. If you're targeting finance or want some more advanced interview guidance for both qual. and quant. focused roles, see Heard on the Street by Timothy Falcon Crack.

The killer interview question we recommend to clients who are meeting key decision makers is: if I start this job tomorrow and am successful in it, what will I have achieved in a year's time? The question may need tweaking depending on the specific circumstances. But, if you manage to land it well, it will communicate some powerful messages to the interviewer…

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Shame: a candid treatment. Press 'pause'

We continue our break from our exploration of the theme of shame. This will re-commence in a couple weeks' time.

Impression management and women's leadership styles

A common theme in our work is impression management: how you control or influence others' perceptions of you. It has tangible consequences for situations in which you may regularly find yourself, including consensus building, chairing meetings, and client or supplier relationship building.

We've previously suggested that Edith Head's Dress for Success - although outdated from a gender equality perspective (inter alia) - offered some useful guidance to those wanting to add personal appearance to the arsenal at their disposal for impression management, leadership presence, and career management.

We now look at impression management as it relates to stereotypes about women's leadership styles.

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