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How personal relationships can derail your career

Sexual harassment and discrimination at work damages careers. But what about negative behaviours at home? Abuse or hidden discrimination in your relationship, family, or friendship circle also threatens your career. It can impact your confidence, reduce your focus at work, and make your 'overextended' behaviours show up more. All this impacts your performance and stops you working at your best.

While physical and sexual abuse can be easier to identify, emotional and psychological abuse can be hard to spot. It is even harder when you have a high IQ and are close to someone you should able to trust. Watch for the warning signs, and reach out to a professional if you are unsure.

Update: Women's Aid issued a warning earlier this week in response to an episode on UK reality show, Love Island, where contestant Adam Collard's behaviour showed “clear warning signs” of “gaslighting and emotional abuse”.

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Looking for a new job? Keep your numbers up

We work with 30+ leaders and professionals every year to find them new jobs (in the UK and internationally). Our Career Platform programme vaults clients into their next role and has an 80% success rate. What is the most underrated success factor? The number of times you put yourself forward. Clients who put themselves forward for more roles end up getting their ideal job more often. This also applies to going for roles only tangential to your ideal one.

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Women in their 30s crave technical expertise

We're seeing a trend where women in their 30s feel a reduced sense of confidence about their value-add when they lack technical expertise. Our advice? Look at your career trajectory with a critical eye, and be honest about what might be missing. Take practical and bold steps now to plug the gap with a technical training or accreditation. Time and energy invested now will help you when it comes to your next major promotion or job change.

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